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Two wheeler insurance is an insurance policy that protects the owner of the vehicle from any financial loss. as a result of vehicle damage or theft. Two-wheeler insurance policies also cover damage to third parties or property. Two wheeler insurance is mandatory in India and is the best way to financially secure yourself, your family and your vehicle. Financial losses caused by accidents (physical injury medical costs material damage) and subsequent liabilities can protect the insured The insured car (damaged) and third parties (Two-wheeled vehicles and individuals) depending on the type of insurance purchased



Third party two wheeler insurance plans provide protection against any legal liability arising from injury to a third party through the insured's fault. Covers damage and injury caused by the insured vehicle. third parties or property Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, every car owner must purchase at least third party insurance in India.

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Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans provide complete protection against two-wheeler damage resulting from an accident or traffic accident. This plan is known as the comprehensive plan. because it provides damage coverage for two-wheelers. Third party liability, theft, and accident insurance. Comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans cover fire, theft, natural and man-made hazards such as tornadoes, hurricanes, vandalism, damage caused by two wheelers. falling objects civil unrest, et

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